How to Change U Joints: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re experiencing vibrations or clunking sounds from your lorry’s drivetrain, it could be an indicator that your u joints need replacing. U joints, additionally referred to as urotrin equivalente universal joints, are critical parts of the driveline system that allow the transmission to transmit torque to the wheels. Over time, u joints can wear or come to be damaged, bring about drivability concerns as well as prospective security risks. In this post, we’ll guide you through the procedure of changing u joints, making sure a smooth as well as effective fixing.

Collect Your Tools as well as Products

Prior to beginning the u joint substitute procedure, it is necessary to collect all the needed tools and products. Below’s a list of what you’ll commonly require:

  • Safety and security goggles as well as handwear covers
  • Jack as well as jack stands
  • Wrenches as well as sockets
  • Torque wrench
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • U joint press tool
  • New u joints
  • Oil

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before changing u joints, make certain that your lorry is parked on a level surface as well as in park or initial equipment (for hands-on transmission). Adhere to these steps to prepare your vehicle:

1. Engage the hand brake and chock the wheels.

2. Lift the vehicle using a jack and secure it with jack stands.

3. Find the u joints on the driveline and also check them for damages or excessive wear.

4. Position yourself in a secure and also comfortable functioning position beneath the vehicle.

Getting Rid money amulet paolo fox Of the Old U Joints

Changing u joints calls for getting rid of the old ones first. Comply with these steps:

1. Utilizing a socket wrench, remove the keeping clips on the u joint caps.

2. Carefully tap the u joint caps with a hammer to loosen them.

3. As soon as the caps are loose, eliminate them one at a time, taking note of their settings.

4. Glide the driveshaft away from the transmission or differential to access the u joint.

5. With the u joint exposed, use a u joint press tool to press the u joint out of its real estate.

6. Repeat the process for all the u joints that require substitute.

Installing the New U Joints

With the old u joints eliminated, it’s time to install the brand-new ones. Here’s just how:

1. Use a thin layer of grease to the inside of the u joint real estate.

2. Position the brand-new u joint in the real estate as well as align the bearing caps with the corresponding notches.

3. Utilizing a u joint press tool, press the brand-new u joint into place up until it’s completely seated.

4. Set up brand-new maintaining clips on the u joint caps to secure them.

5. Move the driveshaft back into position, ensuring proper alignment.

6. Repeat the process for all the brand-new u joints.

Finishing Up

When the new u joints are installed, it is very important to complete a few last actions:

  • Make certain that all connections are correctly tightened up making use of a torque wrench.
  • Double-check that the driveshaft is properly aligned and reattach any brackets or supports.
  • Lower the automobile from the jack stands and remove the chocks.
  • Take your vehicle for a test drive to make certain that the u joint substitute achieved success.


Replacing u joints can be a tough job, yet with the right tools as well as knowledge, you can accomplish it efficiently. Follow this step-by-step overview to guarantee a seamless u joint substitute as well as bring back the smooth procedure of your car’s drivetrain. If you’re unsure concerning any kind of component of the procedure, it’s constantly best to seek advice from an expert auto mechanic for support.